Low Tide Pub Signature Drinks

The Masonboro

Masonbro Blue Liquor Drink

This Is A True Southern Classic! This Signature Drink Is Served In A Mason Jar With Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Light Rum & Other Tropical Flavors. This Drink Will Take You To Paradise With All The Comforts Of Home

The Traveler

Martini Lovers Will Be Impressed! This Drink Is Made To Perfection With Grey Goose Vodka, A Dash Of Dry Vermouth, Orange Bitters & Garnished WIth A Bleu Cheese Stuffed Olive

Low Tide Pub Skinny Drinks

Skinny Rita

Made With Tequila, The Perfect Amount Of Lime Juice & A Splash Of Triple Sec. You Won’t Regret This Margarita With The Great Taste You Love But We Have Ditched The Calories!

Skinny Minnie

We Mix Voda, Light Lemondade & A Dash Of Club Soda To Create A Light And Refreshing Drink That Won’t Weigh You Down!

Skinny Spritzer

This Skinny Sensation Includes Our Refreshing House White Wine Combined With Club Soda & Then We Top It Off With Fresh Squeezed Lemon. Sure To Make You Light On Your Feet And Feeling Great!

Low Tide Pub Specialty Drinks

The Diddy

Dive Right In With This Martini! Made With Raz Vodka, Apple Pucker & Blue Curacao Topped With A Splash Of Cranberry Juice

The Big Sweeyze

A Combination Of Crown Royal, Amaretto & Chambord Make Up This Delicious Drink. Try It WIth A Sugared Rim For A Sweet Kick!

The Julio

Our Own Special Take On A Margarita! Consists Of Patron Tequila, Peach Schnapps & A Splash Of Hypnotiq. Let Us Take You To The Beaches Of Mexico!

The Slick Willy

Sip On This Specialty Cocktail Made With Malibu, Captain Morgan, Pineapple Juice & Topped With A Splash Of Bacardi 151 To Get You In A Tropical State Of Mind.

The Lolo

Lo And Behold! This Classy Martini Starts With Bombay Gin & Topped WIth Chambord And Finished With A Splash Of Cranberry Juice.

Low Tide Pub Specialty Shots


Get The Party Started With This Mix Of Crown Royal & Peach Schnapps Topped With A Splash Of Red Bull

The Sarge

A Shooter Consisting Of Bacardi Dragonberry & Lemonade – This Is Sure To Make You Stand At Attention!

Fire Bomb

This Fire Bomb Is Made With Fireball Whiskey & Dropped Into Angry Orange Cider. Feel The Burn!

The Pipster

Throw The Pipster Back Like A Tequila Shot! Salt Your Hand, Lick, Then Shoot Back This Treat Made With Frangelico & Whipped Vodka!

The Crouching Tiger

Made With Bacardi 151, Apple Pucker & Midori. This Crouching Tiger Is Known To Sneak Up On You!

The Low Tide Pub

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